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Register for the Virtual Microservices Practitioner Summit

The Microservices Practitioner Summit is a forum of pragmatic advice from microservices practitioners who have adopted microservices at scale at leading tech companies. No theory, just best practices from the real world.

On July 13, a number of microservice practitioners will speak about their experiences migrating to microservices from legacy monoliths, including:

  • Phil Calcado, Director of Engineering at Digital Ocean, will talk about his experiences leading the migration to microservices at SoundCloud. Phil is also the author of one of the must-read case studies on microservices.
  • Bill Monkman, engineer at HootSuite, will talk about how they made extensive use of dark launches to migrate from a monolithic PHP application to a microservices architecture
  • We’re also featuring live Q&A with not just the speakers, but with some of the developers who had to migrate their code from monolith to microservices

Our first summit featured some of the thought leaders in microservices, including Netflix, Uber, and Yelp. This time, we’re focused on companies that are earlier in the journey.

Date: July 13th
Time: 9am - 4pm (Pacific) 

Featuring Presentations From Engineers At:

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